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We remember

On the 19th of February 1942 an event occurred which changed Australia forever. Australia was bombed at Darwin. Find out more



We lost

Many died and many were injured in the first and subsequent attacks on Northern Australia over a 21 month period. It was a defining moment in Australia's history, one that highlighted the tenacity and Australian spirit of those living in Darwin.



We unite


The events of 19 February 1942 were shocking and brought the war home to a country previously untouched by foreign conflict. 

On 7 December 2011, the Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia, declared 19 February in each year as a national day of observance to be known as Bombing of Darwin Day. 




We commemorate

Bombing of Darwin Day commemorates the lives of those lost in the series of attacks across Northern Australia and provides the opportunity to appropriately remember and acknowledge those, including the surviving veterans and civilians, who contributed to the defence of our county during World War II.

The recognition of this national day of observance ensures that the older generation has the opportunity to pass the baton of remembrance on to younger Australians so they too may understand the place this historic event plays in our lives today and ensure that our nation never forgets the horrors of war and the value of peace.